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Savanna Bazuik

Empowering People on Their Real Estate Ventures

I am a residential real estate agent in beautiful Victoria, BC where I have lived all my life. I came to a real estate career through a unique path. My dad, Gary Bazuik, had been a real estate agent for over two decades. When he made an offer to partner with me I wasn’t sure. I had achieved my social work and law degrees with the deep desire to make the world a better place; I wanted to help people and I wasn’t sure real estate was much of a helping profession. But then I considered all the emotional aspects of the job, and all the ways I could make a difference. I envisioned a real estate practice built on the anti-oppressive principles I had learned in social work and being able to use the legal skills I had gained through law school. I envisioned assisting seniors through the downsizing process and gently advising divorcing spouses on their real estate options. I could help people thoughtfully through a huge life transition, I could make a difference. I also loved the idea of partnering with my dad, I could not get a better mentor. 

I spent many years at the University of Victoria, first working my way through a Bachelor of Social Work and then a Bachelor of Law. Both degrees significantly shaped my perception of the world and how I interact with it. My social work degree taught me about systemic oppression,and  how to recognize my own bias and privilege. Working in the field I learned how to really listen, how to support people in making and achieving their goals, empowering them, and how to make people feel validated and seen. My law degree taught me how to be an agent for someone, and what it means to act on someone else behalf along with contract law and negotiation skills and techniques. 

My approach to real estate is based on being an authentic and trusted advisor. I see my job as to listen to my clients, ensure I understand what they want, and then to advise them every step of the way until they reach their goal. I also ensure that my clients real estate journey is in compliance with all laws and regulations. I educate my clients so are fully informed at all times, and are making well informed decisions. To be the best real estate agent I can be, I attend seminars, conferences and continue my education with professional development courses, podcasts, books and more.  I have an extensive network of professionals I can refer to and I also spend time networking so I can always refer my clients to the best professionals for everything from carpet cleaning, to renovations, lawyers and property inspections.

When I’m not working you can find me taking my dog for long walks on the beach, hiking in our beautiful Pacific Northwest forests, baking and enjoying cherished time with my three children, family and friends. I’m also a lover of reading, music, good food and all things creative.

To learn more about Gary click here!

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