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Real Estate Services

As a former social worker turned trusted real estate advisor, I recognize that you are the ultimate expert on your life.  I will offer my experience, and knowledge, but the final decisions are always yours. It is a true honor to be asked to guide someone through the process of buying or selling a home.

Free Comparative Market Analysis

I am always happy to do a market evaluation of your home, whether you are long time clients or someone I've yet to meet. A comparative market analysis (CMA) is a process where I use key characteristics of your home (neighbourhood, finished square feet, updates, lot size, etc) and then search the MLS system and find similar homes which have recently sold, are on the market or were recently listed but the listing expired. I examine each of these properties, looking at the ways they are more or less valuable compared to yours, and take detailed notes. The similar properties which have recently sold give us the strongest clues as to value, while the properties currently listed are the competition. The expired listings are a warning, they were probably too expensive.

This may sound like a simple process and sometimes it is. Often though it is important to have an experienced agent conduct a CMA as they will know how to define "recently" which will fluctuate based on location, and how much a bedroom or bathroom is worth. 

A property's value can also be influenced by other factors. For example, if someone needs to sell very quickly then that will lower the value of their home. 


We have assisted many people sell their homes over the years and have found that while checklists and systems have their place, every situation is totally unique and will need a customized plan. We have created an Informed Sellers Guide, which walks sellers through the most common home selling situations. Often the process starts with meeting. Some sellers have a few real estate agents come to their home, and the agents will do a tour and present their listing presentation. Some realtors will have a CMA completed already. 

Finding the perfect home for someone is part art and part science, all matchmaking! We know the ins and outs of every neighbourhood in Victoria and south Vancouver Island and are experts on walkability, transit, bicycle paths, driving routes and parking. We will ask you lots of questions to match your dream lifestyle to a neighbourhood where you can live the life you want! 

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